New Standalone Spas Construction in Temecula

The Beauty, Quality and Performance You Want from a Standalone Spa

Everybody loves to kick back and relax in a hot tub spa. It could easily be called the ‘Great American pastime.’ That’s because spas provide a quiet, private escape where you can unwind alone, or become the leftpiece of a fun evening just hanging with friends and family.

Virtually everyone enjoys benefits from soaking in a spa. However, not everyone needs a complete pool-spa combination. For those customers we offer the option of a standalone hot tub spa.

What Makes our Standalone Spas Outstanding?

Like our swimming pools, standalone hot tub spas from Granite Creek are built to last using proven, compliant construction practices and durable, high-quality materials. From the design to the excavation to the plastering and lights, Granite Creek spas are constructed to deliver years of fun, enjoyment and trouble-free operation.  

And here’s something for those who want a little more technical information: the steel in bond beam is 4#4 and the plumbing is 3-Inch on the main suction line back to the equipment (we can explain further if you like, but the bottom line is that our spas exceed minimum material standards and are far superior to most other contractors’).

Spa Jets

Our standard spa jet package includes seven ventura jets on a specialized and powerful pump. For a nominal charge, we can double the number of jets to 14, and install a second “booster” pump to increase jetstream velocity and power.

Spa Lighting

Whether it’s building a swimming pool or installing new foliage and landscaping, the hallmark of every Granite Pools and Spas project is giving customers more than they expect. That’s why for added beauty and style, our standalone inground spas come standard with two high-quality accent lights.  

Spa Finish

No matter which of our recommended finishes you choose–pebble or quartz–you’re guaranteed to get the best possible price point. After 30 years of building pools and spas we’ve learned which materials perform best over time and which should be avoided. In keeping with our ‘built to love, built to last’ philosophy, we only recommend pebble or quartz for the final finish on your spa.

Learn more about our new spa construction practices and other benefits of installing an inground hot tub spa.

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