New Swimming Pool Construction in Temecula

New Swimming Pool Construction: Built to Last. Designed to Wow.

Constructing the swimming pool of your dreams requires meticulous planning, careful measurement, top-quality materials and inspired design–not to mention expert workmanship and continuous communication between the homeowner and pool construction team. You can expect all of this and more with Granite Pools and Spas of southern California.

How We Design, Plan and Build New Swimming Pools

As with any major home improvement, the investment in a high-quality inground swimming pool or spa can be significant. That’s why, when comparing contractors, it’s important to understand what you’re getting for your money, and the process the builder will follow to satisfactorily complete your project.

Here is a step-by-step description of how we will build your new inground pool (it’s similar but simpler for a spa), and things you can expect from our designers, craftsmen and pool-construction partners, from the beginning to the end.

Design and Plan

Whether you want a combined swimming pool and spa set or a standalone system, planning begins with complimentary 3D design from one of our experienced design team members. Together, you’ll walk the property to discuss fundamental and complementary elements of your new pool or spa (such as water features, landscaping, exterior lighting, etc.) and where they will be installed. About a week later, your designer will return with a customized drawing that reflects your vision, along with suggestions based on the designer’s own experience and creativity.

Prep the Yard

Next, a crew will prepare the yard for excavation, including outlining (in spray paint) the rough location of the pool, spa and any features you’ve chosen. We’ll leave the paint with you for a day or two, in case you want to mark out any modifications before digging begins.


Swimming pool contractors have a saying that points up the critical importance of getting this step right:  “As goes the excavation, so goes the rest of the pool.”  That is to say that every subsequent phase of construction depends on flawless excavation, if the contractor is to deliver the new pool as promised.

At Granite Pools and Spas, we shape your pool walls and floor through a series of carefully calculated backhoe cuts. Some pool contractors start high up on the wall, leaving a steeply sloped “V-shape” that effectively shrinks your usable pool-floor area. This shaping technique actually reduces the contractor’s concrete cost.  But unfortunately, they seldom pass those savings on to the homeowner. We consider this practice a shortcut and avoid it altogether.  From the outset, we excavate to maximize floor space, without charging extra or compromising your design.

Place Steel

Steel rebar (or reinforcement bar) supports and stabilizes your pool’s concrete structure. Rebar is used in different areas of the pool and is one of the most important materials used for inground pool construction. Proper rebar placement is critical for two reasons. If the steel is too close to the earth premature rusting may occur, which can threaten structural stability. Second, if steel protrudes too far, an uneven surface or other concrete issues may arise.

As with most materials, including rebar, there are minimum mandated quality and safety standards. Contractors who want to maximize their profits may use supplies that meet only the minimum standards required by law. To help ensure the long-term integrity of your pool’s underlying support, Granite Pools and Spas only uses steel bars that exceed minimum requirements. More technically (for comparing with other contractors),  our standard is to use a four #4 bond beam and 20 ft. transition bars in the floor of every pool.

Install Plumbing

Many homeowners focus on the design, features and location of the inground pool or spa and give less thought to the plumbing. This is understandable.  Plumbing isn’t really that familiar or interesting to most people. Still, when building a swimming pool, proper piping and drainage are essential to ensuring years of problem-free operation and enjoyment.

Of course, we plumb every swimming pool and spa to comply with all applicable building and construction codes.  We’re a fully licensed contractor with 30-plus years of experience, so that’s a given.

But many of our customers want to know more about our plumbing practices–and rightfully so. More information can be better when you’re comparing swimming pool contractors.

If you want more a more technical description about how our plumbing standards and practices exceed most others’, consider these facts:

  • We only use properly sized pipes: 3-inch suction from the spa and 2.5-inch suction from the pool skimmer.
  • To optimize water cleanliness and keep pumps operating at maximum efficiency, dual 45-degree elbows or sweep 90-degree elbows will be used whenever possible.
  • To counteract potential settling of equipment and maintain pipe alignment over time, we use a technique called “stub plumbing,” which gives our masonry specialists the room they need to properly build a concrete equipment pad.

Contact our office for more information about the other standard components of our standard plumbing package.

Install Electrical

As with our plumbing practices, all electrical work performed by Granite Pools and Spas, including wiring for the pump, lighting, switching circuitry and water features, will meet or exceed all applicable building and construction code for lighting. Currently, we recommend Colorlogic Accent lighting from Hayward Pool Equipment. Not only does Hayward offer an extensive selection of lightweight, high-quality lighting options, we (and many homeowner customers) appreciate the brightness, beauty and simplicity of Hayward’s pool lighting designs. Contact our office for more information about the other standard components of our standard lighting and electrical package. Or let us show you some samples during your free swimming pool design consultation.

Add Concrete

To create a swimming pool’s concrete interior, most contractors will use either shotcrete or gunite. If you’ve been shopping around for a new pool, you probably know that shotcrete is the wet application of swimming pool concrete, whereas gunite is the dry version. Both are blown into place through a special hose at very high speed. We exclusively use shotcrete because it offers cost and performance advantages that benefit homeowners over time, and because it doesn’t splatter the surrounding landscape like gunite can. The benefit is that the lawn adjacent to your new swimming pool will look cleaner and nicer when the installation is complete.

Install Tile

In keeping with our tradition of offering the highest quality materials, you will have access to selected tile stores and roughly 150 choices of tiles. To minimize maintenance and provide years of trouble-free enjoyment, we have also chosen not to offer a glass tile option, and instead use only ceramic or porcelain tile.  If you are set on using glass tile, contact us to discuss the drawbacks and disadvantages other homeowners have encountered.   

Finish the Interior

The finish included in the standard Granite Pools and Spas proposal is high-quality white plaster. However, you do have other options, which currently include: Pebble Tec Pebble Sheen; Stonescape’s Mini-pebble; glass bead pebble and

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