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Tired of your old pool or spa and know that a basic redo just won’t be enough? Our extensive remodel option is for you. As the name implies, this is an extensive construction initiative that delivers all the features you want, with the quality and craftsmanship you and your family deserve. Some steps are similar to the basic remodel process. Others are unique and more involved because there’s so much more to do.  Still, a complete remodel is the next best thing to building a brand new system, so here’s what to expect in our extensive remodel process:


All basic remodels begin with us listening to you–your needs, your ideas and your creative vision–to help us determine the type of work involved and actual project scope. We expect a lot of very smart questions and welcome the opportunity to answer each one.

Basic Leak Detection

Remodeling a pool that’s slowly leaking water is a surefire way to waste money and ruin the joy of renovating. That’s why, prior to performing any cosmetic upgrades, we’ll turn off your old pool’s water supply for five days to see if water is being lost. If not, we’ll proceed as planned. If so, we’ll recommend a professional leak detection company to come in and find the leak. We can roll the detection cost into your remodel estimate or you can pay the leak professional directly, whichever you prefer.

Plaster Chipping

When you’re resurfacing, replastering or renovating a pool, sandblasting sounds like it a real timesaver. But sandblasting can make walls so slick and smooth that new plaster doesn’t stick. To help new material adhere properly for years to come, Granite Creek will chip, rather than sandblast, your old plaster away.


Once old plaster is removed from your existing system, a professional demolition crew will move in to assemble and install a series of protective tarps and plywood barriers. This step helps protect your home’s doors, windows and exterior against damage from stray concrete and masonry debris.


After demolition comes inspection of the remaining rebar structure. Rebar (or reinforcement bars) are super-sturdy steel bars that provide stability and support. Rebar is one of the most important and widely used materials used for construction, remodeling and repairs. Because we want your complete remodel to be as beautiful and structurally sound as possible, our rebar contractor will attempt to repair as much of the old steel as possible. We’ll notify you immediately of damage or issues that might affect the remodel. Any new feature added during the remodel will receive the same 4#4 steel bond beam as our new swimming pools and spas.


A complete remodel includes a full plumbing package. To ensure compliance with applicable building codes, we will replace the old skimmer with a new, anti-vortex dual main-drain suction line. As required, the new suction line will be 2.5 inches from the skimmer to the pool equipment and include as many sweeps 90 or dual 45-degree elbows as we can. Spa suction lines will be done with 3-inch pipe and will also feature sweeps 90 or the dual 45-degree elbows.


All electrical components from your main panel to the pool equipment will be replaced and brought to the most current code requirements.


Your Granite Creek remodel includes new lights and electrical cords. If old cords can’t be extracted from the conduit, you have the option of purchasing new, energy efficient LED lighting. LEDs not only enhance the beauty of your pool with added crispness and clarity, their lower voltage requirement (12v vs. 120v coming to the water) also offers significant safety advantages in and around the pool.

Upgraded Jets

For a complete pool or spa remodel, we will install special new fittings on jets and return lines that let users manually direct the water flow for added comfort and control. Upgraded fittings are also set flush with the walls, so jets not only look and work better, there’s no protruding plastic to jab or poke your users.

Safety Drain Covers

To protect users and comply with government safety mandates, Granite Pool and Spa remodels include all appropriate drain splitting and drain covering practices.


All of our complete remodels include new Hayward pool equipment. Hayward is still a family owned equipment manufacturing company based in the United States. They offer a complete product line, from pumps to lights and everything in between. Their 3-year warranty on a complete equipment set is one of the industry’s best.

Tile installation

In many pool and spa remodels we know of, glass tiles have created maintenance issues we would rather our customers avoid. Because of this, Granite Poos and Spas does not use or recommend any glass tile products. When you remodel with us, you’ll have access to hundreds of high-quality porcelain and ceramic tiling options, which offer the quality and performance today’s homeowners prefer.

Visual inspection

Prior to the re-application of your fresh new finish, our team will carefully inspect all interior surfaces to check for exposed metal or steel.

Cleaning and re-application

We will also power wash and thoroughly vacuum the entire area to assure that your new plaster or pebble finish will properly attach and deliver years of trouble-free maintenance.  

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